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Gems from Paradise Jewellery

Since learning about geology in grade 7, Brenda has had a love affair with gems and minerals that come from the earth. Now she melds that love with her love of design and creates jewellery that enriches, empowers and uplifts women who rock it in their everyday lives!

As the year progresses you'll be able to see all types of jewellery here, including silversmithing, cold connections and beaded pieces. To start we have the Beads and Baubles Collection, which essentially means pouring out a number of beads and seeing what stones speak to each other. It's more of an assortment than a collection, perhaps. Either way, whatever your tastes, we hope you'll find something here that speaks to you! Enjoy the journey!

All Gems from Paradise Jewellery are shipped from either Paradise, Newfoundland or Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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