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Each branch of Gems from Paradise supports its own charity. 

Our jewellery designs at Gems from Paradise are carefully crafted to nurture uniqueness, strengthening every individual’s one-of-a-kind story. Our partnership with AboutFace expresses this sentiment, signifying the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 10% of the sale of each piece of jewellery sold will be donated to this worthy charity.

AboutFace is a registered charity with a mission to promote and enhance the
emotional and mental well-being of individuals with facial differences and their

Your generosity helps AboutFace provide its programs and services, supporting
individuals and families in communities across Canada. AboutFace is the only
charity in the country supporting individuals of every age, with any type of facial
difference and their families. To donate, PLEASE CLICK HERE . 


Gems from
Paradise is proud to partner with just.a.tad accessories in supporting The Red Door Shelter which has been delivering support services to homeless families in Toronto and the GTA since 1982. As one of the largest family shelters in Canada’s largest city, the Red Door represents help and hope for families in desperate need of shelter and support to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives.

Hundreds of families are served every year through their two emergency shelters (one for families and one for women fleeing domestic violence VAW). They provide emergency housing and related support services to families, while others are able to remain living in the community with the help of Red Door’s transitional support and outreach programs.

Women and children are disproportionately affected by family homelessness, leading to the harsh new reality that the face of homelessness is the face of a child. This is having a devastating and disruptive impact and emergency shelter services such as those provided by the Red Door are vitally important to building a stronger, safer community for all of us to live and work. 

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of just.a.tad accessories will go to support the much-needed programs at The Red Door Shelter. If you'd like to add further support, PLEASE CLICK HERE. 


Gems from Paradise is proud to partner with Socks by Sandy in supporting the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). $10.00 from every pair of socks sold will be donated to this worthy cause, helping our furry friends find safe haven in homes where they will be loved and cared for. 

As with many other charities,¬†97% of the much needed funds come from fundraising efforts ‚Äď including donations.¬†The kindness of the community of supporters enables the SPCA to care for animals and find them new homes.

Everything they do for their animals centres around the Five Freedoms. This philosophy states that an animal’s primary welfare needs can be met if five basic freedoms are followed.

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst.
  • Freedom from Discomfort.
  • Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease.
  • Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour.
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress.

The SPCA in St. John's began in 1888 from a proud history of standnig up for the rights of working horses and it has since become the largest animal shelter in the province. 

Join Gems from Paradise through Socks by Sandy to help homeless cats and dogs find happy beginnings in their newly adopted homes. To add your help, PLEASE CLICK HERE.