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Frequently Asked Questions

*Persons with an insulin pump, electronic implants, a defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker should not wear magnetic jewelry as the magnetic fields may interfere with the signal which could then cause a malfunction in the device.  People using electric heating pads or blankets should not wear magnetic jewellery while doing so. And while studies are inconclusive, pregnant women or those going through chemotherapy or radiation therapy should not wear magnetic jewellery as it is thought in some circles to promote cell growth and it is best to err on the side of caution. ALWAYS err on the side of caution! :) 

The clasp can be changed to a spring and jump ring type of set-up if you would rather have that type of closure. 

Care: Spot clean only – do not put in washing machine or dryer. CAUTION: If you choose to use an iron to remove any creases from the cotton lining, be very careful to not touch the cork as heat will damage it.

Information about Cork Fabric:The cork fabric is imported from Portugal and is “Touch Pro quality” cork fabric. Per the manufacturer:  it is ecofriendly, sustainable, animal friendly, and PETA approved. Vegetable-based dyes and fair labour laws are used in making this unique fabric.  It is real cork fused to a soft fabric backing. The cork fabric has been treated with UV and abrasion protectants as well as Scotch Guard.  It can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and a weak soapy solution.

Important Notes about Cork Fabric:

  • Because of the nature of cork, coming from a natural wood source, the surface is pitted with small holes and cracks. This is part of the appearance and natural quality.
  • When folded, cork can sometimes have small superficial cracks that do not go through the fabric backing and do not affect the structural integrity of the project.
  • Dark and bright coloured dyes can sometimes rub or wear off on sharp corners, such as boxed corners at the bottom of bags or folded edges of straps.
  • You cannot iron cork as the heat will damage the glues used in making the cork fabric