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A New Year, A New You

Various books and pads of paper for goal setting.


There's something about a new year that often makes us pause a moment and reflect on the year now behind us and then look into the future to glimpse at the possibilities before us. It's often a time to set goals. Maybe you've decided, like me, to take on your health, or take up a new hobby or sport or clean out your garage/basement/attic (pick one), like you've been promising to do for the past five years! Whatever it looks like for you, this goal (or resolution as some people call it) lives in a world of what's possible for us. 

Next we need a plan of action in order to attain our destination and claim our prize. The best laid plans are simple and manageable. They have a definite beginning and ending. I want to lose five pounds in five weeks, for example, or I want to do a virtual walk of the Cabot Trail by the Ides of March.. If you're downsizing maybe you want to spend 15 minutes per day in the designated area of your choice and weed through items to see what's available to donate, trash or keep. Maybe it's as "simple" as spending more times with those you care most about. Whatever it is that you'd like more or less of, it won't happen without an actionable plan and specific timelines. It needs to be manageable so as to not overwhelm. It's easier to lose five pounds than 50. It's easier to walk three miles rather than three hundred, etc.. 

Revisit the possible each morning, ideally before your feet hit the floor. It's amazing how much and how easily progress can be accomplished from keeping your eye on the prize! (I need to reread that sentence a few times in order to have it sink in.) Life can get in the way it seems, far too easily. Ironic, eh? We're trying to live our best life and it's also the very thing that can easily derail us. THIS is why we need to stay present and clear on what it is we wish to accomplish, otherwise time simply passes and our goals are no closer to being completed. 

Something that also helps us to hit our goals is if we tell someone. It helps keep us more accountable to the goal, but even moreso to ourselves! Did you know that we lie to ourselves more than we ever imagined was possible? We break more promises or make more false statements to ourselves than to anyone else. In fact, we are not a good friend to ourselves and this truly needs to change. However, more of that another day...

And remember...don't beat yourself up if you go off course, simply get back on track. What's done is in the past. Don't let the small bumps upset the cart and refocus on the prize and work towards it!

Finally, don't forget to celebrate the wins along the way. Each time you complete a small piece of the prize, celebrate that and when you hit the goal you've set, celebrate even more! You only go this way once, so you may as well celebrate each and every accomplishment! 


  • Set a goal (or even a personal, one work-related maybe).
  • Make sure the goals you set are time sensitive and measureable (if they're large, chunk them down into manageable pieces so "the overwhelm" stays at bay). 
  • Revisit your goals daily...ideally before you even get out of bed.
  • Tell someone what your goals are. This makes you more accountable.
  • Don't beat yourself up if you go off course. Just refocus and recommit.
  • Celebrate those wins, both small and big!

Have fun! And let me know when you hit your goals. I'm ALWAYS up for a good celebration!  :) 


Have a fantabulous day!

Smiles, Brenda

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