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What First Springs to Mind When You Think of St. Patrick's Day?

Lush Irish countryside with sheep. Happy St. Patrick's Day!What springs to mind when you think of St. Patrick's Day? Green beer? Four leaf clovers? Leprechauns? Emeralds? The lush Irish countryside? The truth is images like these often come to mind quite quickly when we think of St. Patrick's Day because we associate the colour green with Ireland. 

A traditional emerald and diamond dinner ring.

And while there are many different types of green gemstones, the emerald stands out. Perhaps it's because of its intense green colour, or maybe because it shares its name with the Emerald Isle, dubbed such by a Doctor/patriot/poet in 1795. You may have noticed as well that at this year's awards, beginning with the Golden Globes, many women wore emeralds (stunning ones at that) along with their black dresses. This is in part because emeralds symbolize hope, renewal, and growth. They inspire truth and justice. And are believed to open the Heart Chakra which fosters friendship, loyalty, and unconditional love, all traits often associated with the Irish.



A covering of white clover for St. Patrick's Day. Is there a hidden four leaf clover?

Did you know that the clover, from the Trifolium repens (white clover) plant, represents faith, hope, and love? The fourth petal on those elusive four-leaf clovers stands for luck! I have a friend who seems to trip over four and even five leaf clovers. She passes them along to whomever she meets to extend to them good luck. Maybe there's a hidden four leaf clover in this shot. Let me know if you spot one and tell me where it is so I don't search forever as if looking for Waldo. lol There's nothing like sharing a little luck amongst friends!




Have a green beer to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Living as I do in a place known to be more Irish than anywhere outside of the Emerald Isle itself, St. Patrick's Day is a time to enjoy family and friendships and, in some circles, green beer! It's a time for celebration. It's even a holiday for many people. So, whether you enjoy a green beer, green tea or a different favourite green beverage, get together with those you love. Laugh and celebrate life! Enjoy St. Patrick's Day!

Have a great day! 

Smiles, Brenda

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