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Women Are Like Tea Bags....

Ain't that the truth? No one gets through life without dipping their toes into hot water of some sort or another. Women are resilient! Even under some harsh circumstances we just seem to hold it all together and plow through. As a gender, we find a way to get the job done all the while trying to make sure that everyone is as happy as possible with the outcome. Sometimes though, this comes at a high cost.

So we've developed some coping mechanisms. Some of us go to bed and go to sleep. Some of us eat ice cream right from the container. Some of us shop. Some of us just have that big ugly cry. And then we move on. This isn't always the case though, is it? Sometimes we just bury the issue and so it rears its head another day and, eventually, our peace of mind comes at a cost. Breathe! 

I certainly don't profess to have any answers, but I do know that we come to a point in our lives where we prefer less drama, more peace of mind, more self-awareness and a wonderfully supportive circle of girlfriends who love us, whether we have the world by the tail or it has us! And when we go forth, still feeling a bit insecure perhaps, we might sport our favourite coloured outfit, paired with a special piece of jewellery and maybe a pair of kick-ass heels and we'll venture into the foray donning our "cape" and a smile!

Do you have something you can slip into that gives you that added bit of confidence to walk out into the world, feeling more confident? What is your go-to that helps you get through a particularly rough spot? It takes a lot more than a cup of hot water to keep us down for very long!  

Have a great day!



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