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How Overthinking Got Me Stuck in Traffic

How Overthinking Got Me Stuck in Traffic

I know that I'm not the only one out there who way overthinks things. However, I have come to realize this has been one of my greatest stumbling blocks in business and life in general. Whether I'm writing or structuring or what-have-you in business, I know I overthink it. Even cleaning out my room, the "Kondo-way" became something I thought about applying throughout my house and I set the plans in motion....WAY overthinking it all and ultimately only the drawers and closet look any different! lol 

I become busy and I research and I make plans and I even begin the process, but then something else happens and I move forward and then...

Perched Squirrel

Yep, you've guessed it! "Squirrel!" Side tracked again....and while it's all good, I'm moving forward in all areas, it's much like cleaning the house. I begin cleaning in one room, like my bedroom for example. I find a couple of things that need to be in the laundry, so I go the bathroom (where we have our hampers and washer and dryer) and while there I unload the dryer. A few things belong to one of my daughters and I take them to her room. While there I see an empty plate and I take that into the kitchen....and well, you get the picture. At the end of the day I look around the house and it doesn't look much better, and yet I'd been tidying for hours. 

I mean, on the upswing, I am moving forward. I accomplish a lot. However, nothing is really ever getting finished and so it takes up space in my mind and becomes a squirrel...and nests...and breeds more squirrels.....Please, someone tell me in the comments that you can relate!  lol

Nailed it! I let go of how to do it and just did it! I got out of traffic and parked the car.

So my epiphany moment came yesterday. I was blessed to be gifted a morning spent with a friend. As we often do, we talked business and she treated me to breakfast at one of my favourite restaurants. (Hey, Big R! A shout-out to you!) I picked her up and we headed downtown to run a message and get a bite to eat. I had to parallel park. Now this is not normally a thing for me. I usually get it on the first or at worst second try and yet yesterday....eight tries. I even changed parking spots (even though I knew it had absolutely nothing to do with the size of the available space). I had just told her about a video I saw where a guy had taped a woman backing out of a parking space and hitting the car beside her....multiple times....One of those I'll-never-get-back-those-three-minutes-of-my-life videos that for some reason I had to see through until the end. lol Anyway, maybe that was in the back of my mind. I know I was thinking okay....pull up, when the back passenger's door lines up with the other car's back bumper crank the steering wheel, etc....eight times it took. And do you know how I got it in there the eighth time? No, my girlfriend didn't guide me into the spot. She was too busy crying with laughter. Bahahaha! Instead I just released my thoughts and I backed into it without any problem whatsoever! It was an a-ha moment for me.  

So, in other areas of my life, I know to just let the training I've had guide me. Let my gut instincts drive me. I'm not going to overthink. I'm going to learn and implement. Tweak and implement again, thereby fine tuning the process, and then rinse and repeat. 

Where do you overthink things in your life? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to feel that someone out there "gets me!" lol 

Have a great day! 

Smiles, Brenda

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