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Jewel Day, March 13th...Every Year

A mound of gemstone jewellery

Did you know that March 13th is known as Jewel Day? How great is that? As if I needed another excuse to drool over jewelry! 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, "Jewel" is defined as: "A precious stone, typically a single crystal or piece of a hard lustrous or translucent mineral cut into shape with flat facets or smoothed and polished for use as an ornament."

An opal in raw formDo you have a favourite jewel? Is it part of your collection? I have to admit that I don't have a favourite. I do, however, love opals because my mom loves opals. I remember having a discussion about them with her when I was a young girl. She told me about where they came from and how soft they were and how I had to be careful with them. We even talked a bit about their settings (she had a couple of opal rings at the time), and how a high setting might make it easier to damage them, especially if they banged against a hard object like a filing cabinet. I also love them because of their colouring and the way they change with the light. Years later I discovered that the word is derived from Sanskrit's Upala, meaning "special stone", and later a Greek derivative Opallios, meaning "to see a change of colour." I suspect that one day I'll make a collection focusing on opals. Ah, the power of suggestion when we're young....

Do you have a memory of when you really connected with jewels in a big way? In grade seven geography we studied minerals and gemstones. I was much so that I would volunteer to catalogue them at our local museum. I guess that is when I really became hooked on them. Yet the love remained dormant for many years after that, being rekindled only when I taught a night school course on how to make beaded jewelry. That was many moons ago now, but it was a fun class and some of the people in it made some amazing jewelry! 

Tell me how it is you relate to jewelry. Feel free to tell me what some of your fondest memories are in the comments below!   

Have a great day!



  • Hi, Alison! Thanks so very much. Yes, Labradorite is an amazing jewel with its ability to flash blue, green and gold (primarily), also known as its labradorescence. I can definitely see why you would be mesmerized by its beauty! A connection with home is an added bonus for that will always keep you well grounded.

    Did you know that Labradorite is a very magical feldspar mineral? It’s known to have great healing properties, is a great aid in self-discovery and heightens one’s psychic powers. It’s associated with the throat chakra or the body’s voice and so is very powerful. One of the attributes I love most about it is that it protects us from negativity. I’m all about the positive vibe! :)

    I’ll be adding a page to the website with all sorts of information on various gemstones over a period of several months, and for being the very first person to respond to this post, I’ll make Labradorite the very first posting. Thanks again, Alison for connecting!

  • I am a huge lover of jewels too Brenda. My favourite (so far) is labradorite. I love how my big chunky bracelet looks so different when it hits the light. I’ve been caught staring at it as I follow the different coloured lines and tip it slightly to pick up the different shimmery patterns. Reminds me of northern lights. I was born in Labrador and bought it there 50 years later when I returned to my birthplace for the first time. I love knowing that no matter where I travel I’m taking a tiny piece of home with me, and I enjoy showing it off to whoever notices its loveliness as its often the beginning of a conversation about my amazing home. Great post Brenda!


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