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New Beginnings: A Time for Self-Examination and Self-Actualization

New Beginnings with 2019

So here is the thing about's a month of new beginnings. I don't know if we're the same in this, but I generally look at the end of a year as a time for reflection and I frame it in dichotomies. For example: What brought me joy and what caused me grief? What supported my growth and where did I stagnate? What supported my health and what stunted it? How did I move forward in my business and what stalled its growth? You get the idea. 

So, in January I look forward to who it is I want to be and what I would like for my life moving forward...not just in 2019, but also much further afield. And, I suspect, like you, there have been multiple opportunities from all kinds of reputable sources who have wonderful programs to guide me along the way. I chose two of these this year. I chose to delve into the 7-day mindset teaching of Brendon Burchard and a 30-day training with Mel Robbins called #MindsetReset. 

Brendon is an upbeat fella and #1 Best Selling Author with his book High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way. I must say, he walks the walk and I love his positive energy. He truly seems to want to support people as they work toward living their best lives and there will be more of what I've learned from him in another post. 

Today though is really more about what I've received from Mel Robbins. While showering (which is where I get a lot of my epiphanies), something she said a few days ago in her #MindsetReset program really took hold. She was talking about false beliefs and she hit one of mine: That I am lazy and that is why I don't get everything accomplished that I set out to do...and then beat myself up about it and get even less accomplished. Only she said that if I thought that being lazy was my false belief, I needed to dig deeper. I shelved it a couple of days ago. "G'wan, girl," I said. I've known I'm too lazy to get out my own way for a few years now, particularly as it affects my health. It was much easier to let digging deeper go and just think of myself as lazy. But it wasn't just water hitting me in the shower today. I began ruminating on the thought that maybe there was a deeper hidden belief that I needed to look at.

Fear is a limiting beliefMy first thought was that it was because I was afraid of my own greatness. Of course, I called bullshit on that right away because, well, really? I'd be all over that as being false. It's not that I think I'm great, but I know I'm capable of accomplishing some great deeds in my life...I'm just too lazy to focus on getting there (lol). However, as quickly as I discounted that, the true answer hit me.      It turns out that my real underlying fear is that I'm afraid of failing! As long as I don't try, I can't fail, right? And yet I have some amazing ideas I can't wait to put in place and some awesome dreams that I can't wait to make a reality. How the heck can I do that if I'm holding myself back?

In fact, whenever I think about reaching those goals, I'm excited and energized and I can see it all happening. It's the simple tasks, the "slogging" and figuring out HOW to get there that I'm afraid of failing at, I've come to realize. It just takes so much time for one person to put it all into play. I mean I can reverse engineer like there is no tomorrow (it's one of my secret powers), but it's in the details...which apps do I use to help me and which is the best one to use first so I don't waste time and money? (Irony much? lol) Where am I best using my limited resources? When will I actually launch my business? (I'm sure you're wondering the same thing.) What do I don't know that I need to know? Some days I'm paralyzed by it and I get NOTHING accomplished! 

I'm an ideas person. I have the vision. I have the big picture down pat. It's failing at executing it that I am afraid of. And yet, if I don't move forward and at least begin to assemble the pieces of the puzzle, how will ANY of it become a reality? Failure to act is SURE to keep my dreams from being a reality and most importantly, that one act (NOT acting) won't allow me to help others see their own greatness. Time to kick this belief to the curb!!  

A week later: Thanks, Mel. Having recognized that false belief, I'm already on my way. I'm invigorated again. I'm moving forward, not just in my business, but in my quest for a healthier, more energized me! I'm moving forward by spending more time with friends and family and doing stuff I love. I am moving forward with getting more sleep and eating better and moving more, all of which will add to my energy and realizing my dreams. 5-4-3-2-1...LAUNCH! 

Have a great day! 

Smiles, Brenda

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